Indulge yourself with the finest aromatherapy products sourced from the finest plants in the world renown for their physical and spiritual benefits...
Vegan - there are no animal products or parabens used in any JS skincare products making them suitable for international communities

No animal testing - the product ingredients all use alternative cosmetic assessment

Aromatherapy based - each essential oil used has a beneficial effect on the body and mind. The oils are carefully selected to have the most value to feminine energy and well being

Luxury Hydrating Cream Cleanser
Grapefruit, Lavendar and Frankincense 

Luxury Flower Toner

Luxury Face Mask
Acai and Goji
Luxury Facial Scrub
Bamboo and Mandarin
Luxury Daily Face cream Elixir

Luxury Night Cream Elixir

Luxury Pre-Moisturizing Serum

Luxury Youthgen Body Scrub

Luxury Body Butter
Lavender & Bergamot

Luxury Room Candle Massage Miracle
Oriental Jasmine

Set of 4 candle motives
Inspira (Raspberry)
Divinite (Rose Geranium)
Elixir (Rose & Thyme)
Magick (Spiced Apple)